Consulting Services

A strong financial management system is the foundation of your organization’s success. Financial management systems are built from individual components. Making sure your systems are operating appropriately and effectively is key to your future success. Some of the components that we assist clients with include:

Business/Organization Startup

We can take your organization from concept to fully operational. We provide strategic planning, implementation and on-going operational services which will enable you to focus on establishing or growing your organization.

Accounting System Implementation

Implementation or conversion of an accounting system can be a daunting task. We assist organizations who are implementing their first system and organizations who are “graduating” to higher level systems.

Internal Control Evaluations and Fraud Prevention Consulting

Protect your assets and income with internal control testing and evaluation. Steven Judd is a Certified Fraud Examiner and can assist you in designing and implementing a fraud prevention program.

Disaster Recovery

We can assist you in evaluating your risks, needs and options in the event of a disaster. Many businesses neglect to address disaster recovery issues in their business.

Industry Comparison, Ratio Review and Analysis

We provide industry specific comparison, ratio computation and analysis services. We also assist clients in developing key performance indicators customized to their particular business situation.

Periodic “Check-Up” for your accounting system

We often provide a periodic accounting check-up service to businesses with multiple office locations. The basic format for our business check up is to coordinate with an owner or CFO and perform a surprise visit, combined with performing random samples and tests of cash receipting and cash disbursement transactions.

Income Tax Preparation

Assistance in preparing corporate, partnership, not-for-profit, state/trust and personal income tax returns

Tax Planning

Use tax planning to minimize and control the timing of state and federal taxes

Financial Statements

Financial statement audit, review and compilation financial statement services

Business Planning and Consulting

Increase your profitability and meet your long-term goals

Cash Flow Analysis, Forecasts and Budgets

Improve your profitability and decision making abilities by the use of cash management, forecasts and budgets